Rex's Human Writes (Rex can't type)...

I've been asked if Rex a metaphor for the author.

Rex isn’t a metaphor! Rex is a dog.

Dog’s are simple. Many women think men are simple.

Rex is anything but simple, however -- the "ex" in Rex is complex.

My 'dog-ters', Cappu, Lotty & the Boss, E-D
Rex’s stories are a metaphor for our human tendency to label each other. I see that tendency as a natural inclination to reduce complexity, to simplify people, to simplify our view of the opposite sex, but men are so much more than dogs...

What you think is actually going on at first, may not be what’s really going on.  ;-p


NOTE:  Dear readers, Rex's stories are written 'stream of consciousness' style, as the mood/memory strikes me.  They are not written chronologically (think "Pulp Fiction" -- eventually all the threads will come together), so you have to pay attention to the dog breeds and names to keep track of the women involved and piece together the storyline...

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About the Author:

Kevin has worked in the ad biz here and there, from his home town of Toronto to Europe, the Middle East to Mexico.  He's a public speaker, a leader of custom-designed corporate seminars, fluent in Spanglish and fancies himself somewhat of a bon vivant.  He also blogs and thinks far too much about things he's unlikely to have any real impact upon.  He has been married and single and likes married better, but 'The One' is currently eluding him...  He's been called a hopeless romantic and, upon occasion, a dog.  He really hopes you like Rex.  (Rex doesn't really care if you like him or not!)

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