Read Rex Front to Back (Stories in the order they were written)

Click titles for links to stories in their 'stream of consciousness' non-order.

Rex wasn't written in chronological order, the memories, events and totally fictional encounters take place in a largely random fashion, with only the names and/or dog breeds offering clues as to who's who.  In the end, like in the movie "Pulp Fiction", the threads will come together!
  1. Cave-Dog
  2. Rex Likes Poodles
  3. Rex Does the Bossa Nova
  4. Alpha Dogs and Pomeranians
  5. Something in the Air
  6. Rex to the Rescue!
  7. Rex's "Human Rights"
  8. Rex in Reserve
  9. Life's a Rex!  (NOT...)
  10. Rex Backs Off
  11. Rex Quits Dogging It 
  12. Stay tuned...
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